Candidates are elected by their peers. To be eligible, they must produce evidence of sustained activity over the previous three years, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Daily/periodical press, or broadcasting on radio, TV or video, or in the electronic media

  • Publication of works of art history, aesthetics or criticism

  • Teaching of art criticism, art history, aesthetics, curating, or art, at higher or tertiary level

  • Curatorial work and analysis for educational or scholarly ends, including the production of scholarly or critical writing for museums or galleries, whose principal aim is not essentially commercial.

  • If you qualify as per the above strict conditions of membership your application will be reviewed by the committee. New applicants must complete the biographical form and send it to the AICA Australia Secretary.  If approved your membership will be ratified by the Paris Office.

Membership Join or Renew
from 10.00

On receipt of payment a membership card and/or sticker will be forwarded to your nominated address.

All new members must complete a biographical form, required by the Paris Office and sent to AICA Australia Secretary at prior to payment. 

New members must be nominated and seconded by an AICA member prior to acceptance. 

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